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At Thorpe Abbotts Capital we place behavioral economics and behavioral finance at the center of our operating process, bringing the key findings of the disciplines into the three areas we believe must be mastered to outperform the market: The search process, research and valuation, and portfolio and risk management. 

By harnessing key ideas from some of the best behavioral thinkers, as well as applying our own insights, Thorpe Abbotts Capital not only seeks to improve its own thinking and approach, but also searches for opportunities to profit from the mistakes of others.

This process comprises both quantitative and qualitative elements. Our proprietary algorithm helps us locate potential behavioral mispricings, while our unique approach to fundamental analysis furthers our insights into the true nature of the mispriced opportunity. 


We, along with our partners, pride ourselves in being contrarian thinkers who search for alpha by forming variant perceptions that differ from market consensus.  Understanding where others go wrong in their own thinking, and where we must avoid mistakes, form the basis for this process.


Thorpe Abbotts believes that to generate consistent alpha, investors must have a systematic approach to finding, analyzing, and managing a portfolio of potential mispriced securities. The most important part of this process is a search strategy that seeks only those situations most likely to suffer from behavioral bias.

This search strategy illuminates the most promising parts of the chess board where qualitative analysis time is best spent. The next steps require qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine whether the market’s beliefs about the critical factors surrounding a company are biased and are therefore skewing the market price away from intrinsic value. 

Finally, any investment process must have a rigorous buy and sell discipline that accounts for the way humans actually behave, not how financial academics say they should behave.


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